Trent City Pizza

At least once a week, my family orders something for lunch or dinner from a local restaurant. Not only does this help a local business, but it helps me because I don’t have to cook! This week, we ordered from a family favorite, Trent City Pizza. They’re located just a block away from Arm & Hammer Park at 687 Lamberton Street in Trenton.

Let me start by saying that they have such an extensive menu, it can be a bit overwhelming. We always get at least one Spanish dish, because those seem to be their specialty, and then we try a few new things. This time we decided on Angel’s Special Rice (my husband’s favorite), steak tacos, fish and chips, and a steak and plantains meal.

The delivery was very quick, as usual. They’re less than 10 minutes away from us, so we typically get our food well before the hour window and the drivers are always friendly. So let’s check out what we got:

Angel’s Special Rice

This is fried rice with beef, shrimp, fish, peppers, onions and cilantro with a side of hot sauce. This is how it comes every time, it looks exactly like the picture in the menu. It is one of the more expensive things on the menu at about $15, but it’s large enough to serve two.


3 Taco Supreme with Steak

This has onions and cilantro with lemons, crema, salsa, tomatoes, and lettuce. This is the first time I have ordered these, I usually get the ground beef tacos. I think these are slightly better because they are not as dry as the ground beef, but they do have more of a fatty texture. These were about $7.00.


Spanish Steak and Onions

This comes with white rice and sweet plantains. This was the first time we ordered this, the steak was the same as used in my tacos and thinner than we expected, but it was nicely seasoned. The rice was a bit too plain for me, I think this would have been better with some fried rice. The plantains were good and not too sweet. This is about $8.00.


Fish N Chips Platter

This came with two fried fish pieces, a lot of fries, and tartar sauce. It had a strong flavor, we spent a bit debating what type of fish it was but we still thought it was good and it was great for the kids! This was about $9.00.

We’ve never had a bad meal at Trent City Pizza, but if you’re looking for more recommendations we’re fans of the chicken quesadilla, any of the burgers, the ground beef burrito, the fish filet with yellow rice, and the chicken stew platter. Hope this helped!