Handprint Tree

Happy Saturday! For our kids, and all you 9-5ers, this is the best day of the week. It feels like you have so much time, making it the perfect day for family fun!

Check out this activity:

What You Need:

  • Cardstock – brown, yellow, red and orange
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Glue Stick
  • Tape
  • Paper Plate
  • Green Paint
  • Pinecones and sticks for decoration


First paint your paper plate green and set aside to dry.Paint Paper Plate Green

2. Cut slits in the bottom of the paper towel roll and tape to your paper plate.Cut Slits in Paper Towel TubeTape Tube to make Handprint Tree

3. Then trace your hand and arm on the brown cardstock so that the “trunk” of the tree is long enough to cover the paper towel roll.Trace hand on Brown Paper

4. Glue your handprint “trunk” to your paper towel roll.Glue Handprint on Paper Towel Tube

5. Now trace regular handprints with your orange, yellow and red cardstock. You’ll need 5 handprints (1 for each finger) so you can choose which colors gets traced twice. We did orange, red, yellow, orange, and red.Handprint Cut Outs for Fall Handprint Tree

6. Now you can glue your handprints to your tree! Add one to each finger.Glue Hands on Handprint Tree

7. To cover the tape at the bottom, add some pinecones and sticks for decoration. Glue these down if you want them to be permanent. You may need to use hot glue if you want them to stay permanently. Have adults do this part or use cold hot glue that is rated safe for kids.Autumn Handprint Tree