Fall Snow Globe

Happy Saturday! For our kids, and all you 9-5ers, this is the best day of the week. It feels like you have so much time, making it the perfect day for family fun!

Check out this activity:

What You Need:

  • Large Mason Jar
  • Glycerin
  • Fall Foil Leaf Confetti
  • Tree Branch (from your backyard)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Water


  • Collect a small tree branch or twig from your yard. Make sure it’s clean, without peeling pieces of bark that might cloud up your bottle.
  • Trim the tree branch to fit inside your mason jar. Test to make sure that it fits (with the lid closebefore attaching with glue.
  • Once you have the size you need then add a generous drop of hot glue on the middle of the bottom side of your mason jar lid. Place your tree branch in the middle of the glue and hold until it is set.
  • Glue leaves to the twig and allow to set until all the glue is completely dry.
  • Fill mason jar with water (if using a quart jar this will be about 4 cups), then add the glycerin (I used a little over ½ cup).
  • Stir with a spoon then add a handful of the confetti to the jar. Swirl again with spoon and if the confetti immediately sinks to the bottom then add more glycerin.
  • Place the twig carefully down into the water and twist on the lid tightly. You can glue it to make sure it stays in place.