Ray’s Sub Shop

At least once a week, my family orders something for lunch or dinner from a local restaurant. Not only does this help a local business, but it helps me because I don’t have to cook!

This week, we ordered from Ray’s Sub Shop located down the street from TCNJ at 1540 Pennington Rd in Ewing.

Ray’s is another one of the places we like to frequent. It’s a great local place to get a sandwich and their huge “Belly Busters” especially, never disappoint. This time we ordered the Italian Belly Buster, Tuna Salad Sub, and the Pepperoni & Provolone Cheese Sub.

Italian Belly Buster (Half) $7.99

The Belly Buster sandwiches are a great choice if you are very hungry. They’re served on a wide sesame seed roll and come loaded with meat. Inside you’ll find provolone cheese, capicola, ham, and salami, and is traditionally dressed with lettuce, tomato, onions, hot peppers, oil, vinegar and mayo. Even the half is enough for two meals, only order the full if you have a few others to share it with.

Tuna Salad Sub (Half) $6.99

Ray’s tuna salad is simple; just the way I like it. I know a lot of people enjoy things like celery and cucumbers mixed in, but you won’t find that here. I like to add lettuce, oil and vinegar.

Pepperoni & Provolone Cheese Sub (Half) $6.50

This is my child’s favorite. The pepperoni is piled high with a nice balance of cheese. She likes it completely plain, which works out for us since it can be stored longer without getting soggy.

Ray’s Sub Shop is a great choice for a quick lunch, just keep in mind they do have shorter hours on Sunday. We haven’t explored too much of the menu compared to some of the other places we frequent, but I can say all the traditional deli favorites are a safe bet here. By the way, if you’re having some people over or need to bring some food to an event, the sandwich platters are always a favorite at our gatherings.

Hope this helped!