King’s Pizzarama

At least once a week, my family orders something for lunch or dinner from a local restaurant. Not only does this help a local business, but it helps me because I don’t have to cook!

This week, we ordered from King’s Pizzarama, located next to Wine Mart on 200 Ewingville Rd in Ewing.

This was our first time ordering from this restaurant. I was interested in placing this order after seeing a number of people in a Ewing Facebook Group stating that this place has the best pizza around. Naturally, I had to see what all the fuss was about. We received a pepperoni pizza, a plain pizza, buffalo wings and a side order of spaghetti.

As you may already know, we use Grubhub to place our orders. After waiting for over an hour for our food, I decided to call the restaurant to check the status. They advised me that using Grubhub causes a delay of almost twenty minutes and it’s best to call orders in as those will be done right away. This is the first time I’ve heard something like this from a restaurant, but if that’s the case here I would advise just calling your order in.

Plain Pizza $13.49 with Pepperoni topping $3.60

This was a pretty good pizza, the sauce was flavorful and the cheese tasted different, maybe muenster? The only thing we had some issue with was the dough. For some of my family it was a bit too chewy, others thought it was a little too thick. Even so, everyone ate it and there was barely any left.

Plain Pizza $13.49 (Asked for half pepperoni $2.95)

To tell the truth, this isn’t actually what we’d ordered. We asked for a half pepperoni, well done. Instead we got a plain pizza that seemed even doughier than the pepperoni pizza. Still, the sauce and cheese saved it, and we ate the whole pie. I think this would have been much better well done, we will be sure to order by phone next time.

Buffalo Wings (10) $9.50

The sauce of these wings had a strong tabasco sauce flavor, and the wings were meaty with very little fat. These were not to my taste but my family loved them.

Spaghetti Side Order $6.49

This was a good amount of spaghetti, considering it was a side order. The sauce was a little thicker than I would have liked as it didn’t coat the spaghetti enough. When placed on a plate, the pasta seemed dry. That said, my two year old still loved it.

For our first time ordering from Kings Pizzarama, we were mostly pleased. We would definitely be ordering again, but we will be calling instead of using the app and seeing if that makes a difference. Since we have not ordered from here before I don’t have any recommendations, however their most popular items suggested by Grubhub are the standards like, Mozzarella sticks, French Fries, Plain Pizza, Chicken Fingers and Buffalo Wings.

Hope this helped!