November 9th-November 15th

There are so many streaming services these days, it can get exhausting trying to keep track of it all. Here is a list of the shows and movies that are available this week on the five most popular streaming services.



Undercover: Season 2 (Netflix)

The Mighty Ones (Hulu)

Power: Season 6A (Starz) (Hulu)

The Nice Guys (2016) (Hulu)

Industry (HB0)

Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma, Season 5 (Subtitled) (Crunchyroll Collection) (HB0)


Dash & Lily (Netflix)

Trash Truck (Netflix)

A Teacher (Hulu)

Vik the Viking (2020) (Hulu)


Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun (Netflix)

The Liberator (Netflix)

Nasce uma Rainha / A Queen Is Born (Netflix)

What We Wanted (Netflix)

Fruitvale Station (Netflix)

Graceful Friends (Netflix)

Ludo (Netflix)

Prom Night (Netflix)

Eater’s Guide to the World (Hulu)

The Girl Next Door (2005) (Hulu)

Tonight You’re Mine (2012) (Hulu)

Tonight You’re Mine (2012) (Amazon Prime)

Patria, Season Finale (HBO)


Chicago Fire: Season 9 Premiere (NBC) (Hulu)

Chicago Med: Season 6 Premiere (NBC) (Hulu)

Chicago P.D.: Season 8 Premiere (NBC) (Hulu)

Man who Invented Christmas (2017) (Hulu)

My Sesame Street Friends, 2020 (HBO)


American Horror Story: 1984 (Netflix)

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (Netflix)

The Life Ahead (Netflix)

The Minions of Midas (Netflix)

I Am Greta (Hulu)

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 17 Premiere (ABC) (Hulu)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season 22 Premiere (NBC) (Hulu)

Station 19: Season 4 Premiere (ABC) (Hulu)

Sputnik (2020) (Hulu)

The Ride (2018) (Amazon Prime)

*Alex Rider – IMDb TV Original: Season 1 (Amazon Prime)

*James May: Oh Cook (Amazon Prime)

American Horror Story: 1984: Season 9 (Amazon Prime)

De Lo Mio (HBO)

Entre Nos: LA Meets NY (HBO)

Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Season 2 – Episode 3 “Chapter 11” (Disney+)

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Episode 8 Finale – “Baby Gorilla Grace” (Disney+)

The Right Stuff – Episode 7 (Disney+)

Inside Pixar (Disney+)

One Day At Disney – Episode 150 (Disney+)

Petra: City of Riches Ultimate Viking Sword (Disney+)


The Dictator (2012) (Hulu)

The Dictator (2012) (Amazon Prime)

Scrubs: Seasons 1-9 (Amazon Prime)

Dolittle, 2020 (HBO)


A Very Country Christmas (Netflix)

America’s Next Top Model: Seasons 19 & 20 (Netflix)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (Netflix)

The Crown: Season 4 (Netflix)

Hometown Holiday (Netflix)

Survivor: Seasons 20 & 28 (Netflix)

V for Vendetta (Netflix)

12 Pups of Christmas (2019) (Hulu)

A Christmas Movie Christmas (2019) (Hulu)

A Nice Girl Like You (2020) (Hulu)

Cartel Land (2015) (Hulu)

Christmas Crush (2019) (Hulu)

 12 Pups Of Christmas (2019) (Amazon Prime)

Christmas Crush (2019) (Amazon Prime)

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Season Finale (HBO)

Murder On Middle Beach, Docuseries Premiere (HBO)